The Most Widely Used Languages in the World

You may not know that there are actually more than 7,000 languages on earth; but there are only 23 different languages that are commonly spoken across the world. In this article, we are going to show you a list of top 8 world's most widely used languages. If you were native, or could speak fluently in any of the languages below, you might find your life so much easier.

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London, United Kingdom

1. English

Not everyone is a native English speaker but it is no doubt the most common language in the world. This language is originally found in early medieval England. It is recognised as an official language in more than 90 different countries and regions. Therefore, if you could understand and speak basic English, travelling the world would never be a problem for you.

Beijing, China

2. Chinese

Chinese is the most difficult language to learn; it is also the language that has the most native speakers in the world. The majority of Chinese speak their own dialects in their regions but they could still understand the standard Chinese in general speaking. The Chinese character Simplified Chinese is commonly used in Greater China while the Traditional Chinese is more accepted in other Chinese-speaking places.

Taj Mahal, India

3. Hindi

Hindi is generally known as Indian because it is commonly used in different parts of India. However, India is not the only country who has a large group of Hindi-speaking population, most people from Mauritius, Suriname, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago can also speak Hindi. The Hindi character could be a headache to you; but isn't it so cool to be able to read Hindi?

Madrid, Spain

4. Spanish