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The Tropical Majorelle Garden in Marrakech

Jardin Majorelle (The Majorelle Garden), Marrakech, Morocco

What do you expect to see in Morocco? Don't feel surprised if you find no desert but snow mountains in Marrakech city centre. This city isn't the capital of Morocco but it's definitely one of the most visited city in the whole country. Our top sightseeing attraction in Marrakech goes to Jardin Majorelle (The Majorelle Garden). This botanic garden is beautiful and no one should miss it out. Mark this on your bucket list. Read on to discover more.

Highlight 1 - the Tropical Garden & the World of Cactuses

Are you a plant lover? Do you love succulents and cactuses in particular? If so, this is totally the place for you. Once you enter into the garden, you will realise that you are actually walking into another world. It feels so much like a forest; it is probably the greenest place in Marrakech. The garden is not too big to browse around but you will definitely find it very time-killing.

Highlight 2 - the Bright Blue Moroccan Architectures

The Moroccan architectures inside the garden are very eye-catching since they are bright and sharp in blue, with a touch of ginger yellow. Everyone will instantly fall in love with the contrast between the buildings and the green spaces. The whole garden is perfect for camera. It is very picturesque and you should not leave the place without taking a decent picture with it.

Jardin Majorelle (The Majorelle Garden), Marrakech, Morocco

Highlight 3 - the Collection of The Pierre Bergé Museum of Berber Arts

The Pierre Bergé Museum of Berber Arts is located inside the Jardine Majorelle. The ticket of the garden includes the entry of the art gallery. You will be able to find loads of beautiful art collection dedicated to Berber. The exhibition displays paintings, prints, jewels, craftwork and musical instruments. It is a wonderful place not only to appreciate the amazing work but also to escape the heat for a while.


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