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The Ultimate City Guide Checklist for Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Will you make a plan before travelling to Lisbon? Where would you like to go? And What food would you like to try? If you are too busy to do research for Lisbon, we are here to help. There are 7 things in Lisbon that you shouldn't miss. Take this ultimate city guide checklist with you to Lisbon! Let's get started!

Lisbon, Portugal

Taking Pictures of the Iconic Trams

Trams are everywhere in the world. So what exactly makes these trams in Lisbon so special and well-known? Well, who knows? But they are super cute! And you can simply spot them on the street as they are literally everywhere in Lisbon. This could be the main reason why their trams have become one of the signature Lisbon's icons. From classic yellow to olive green and filled with creative graffiti, each tram has their own style like you've never seen them before.

Going upstairs by Santa Justa Lift for the View of Lisbon

That's probably the lowest "observatory deck" ever. This Santa Justa Lift takes you to the top floor for the view of Lisbon. It was a fun and interesting experience. However, the panoramic view of Lisbon was actually very unimpressive from this angle. You could only see lots of houses with the same coloured rooftop. Honestly, only the experience of taking the lift was worth the penny. So, make your own decision before you pay for a minute fun.

Enjoy Your Meal with a View at Bellalisa Elevador

You don’t really have to pay for the lift to get up to this restaurant. There’s a public pedestrian path near the restaurant. The atmosphere at the restaurant was fantastic, especially in a sunny day. We enjoyed our lunch very much. Their service was excellent and the food was delicious; the "Fish Pie" with potato and egg we ordered was lovely. It tasted so good! The only thing that we didn’t finish off was the espresso they gave us at the end of the meal. We would definitely recommend you to come enjoy the sunshine and an amazing quality of food here!

Bellalisa Elevador - Restaurante Panorâmico em Lisboa | Largo do Carmo Elevador de Santa Justa, 1100-998 Lisboa, Portugal ★★★★☆

Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara, Lisbon, Portugal

Climbing up a Scenic Spot for the view of Lisbon

The view of Lisbon from Santa Justa Lift might not be impressive enough. Here’s an alternative place for you to see Lisbon in a different angle. We absolutely loved the view from Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara, where it is a small park with a beautiful view of Lisbon and the castle. And the whole point is: you don't need to pay to enter to the park. It's totally free!

Discovering the Beauty of Gothic Styled Monastery

Jeronimos Monastery is one of the must-go destinations in Lisbon and it’s definitely worth you a day. The monastery is massive and has a museum in it. Look at the details of the building; the architecture itself is a true beauty. We were so aroused by how overwhelming it is! You really have to look at it very closely to see all the details. Anyway, get there as early as possible or you will have to queue up for a long time!

Can the Can Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Having Lunch at Praca do Comercio

Visiting Praca do Comercio when you are hungry is a good idea since there are many attractive-looking restaurants on the sides. You shouldn’t miss this famous historical landmark in Lisbon but you also shouldn’t miss a good restaurant there, like this one we went to. The chicken with orange was very tasty; the meat was very tender and juicy. What a great combination! We had a great time there!

Can the Can Lisboa | Praca do Comercio 82, 83, 1100-148 Lisboa, Portugal ★★★★☆

Pasteis de Belem, Lisbon, Portugal

Eating the Best Portuguese Egg Tart Ever

The Portuguese egg tart would be the only reason if we ever came back to Lisbon in our life. We never thought a Portuguese egg tart could be so delicious until we tried the most authentic and original one here at Pasteis de Belem. The pastry was so crispy! And the egg part was so creamy and sweet! We aren't going to lie but we had 17 of it in total within two days. They certainly win our heart.

Pasteis de Belem | R. de Belem 84-92, 1300-085 Lisboa, Portugal ★★★★★


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