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The White Cliffs of Dover

I finally have a chance to visit the famous white cliffs of Dover in Dover! However, to be honest, I don't really think the white cliffs in Seven Sisters Country Park have any differences to these ones... and I actually think that I enjoyed my Seven Sisters visit two years ago more. Anyway, let's see what I've done in my day trip to Dover from central London.

Dover is only about an hour away by train from central London. So I think it is very good for a day trip, a quick getaway, or whatever you'd like to call it. I got here about lunch time so I had a lovely meal to charge myself up a bit before climbing up to the cliffs!

There's a few reason for me to choose this restaurant. 1st: It looks pretty so I could probably have some nice photos there. 2nd: It's located next to the sea so the view must be amazing (for photos as well). 3rd: I just love seafood and it says it's a seafood restaurant. 4th: Why not giving it a go? The food was surprisingly affordable than I thought, especially as a "seafood restaurant". However, I honestly didn't see many seafood dishes that I could really order from the menu so I chose a fish risotto instead. (Well, I thought I could find something more like with shell like lobster and crab...) Anyway, I think the food and service was good overall. I liked the risotto that was only slightly salted, and that's probably why it came with some crispy super salty bacon on top. The fish meat was tender and juicy. And the thing is, I did take a lot of nice photos there... haha!

Cullins Yard | 11 Cambridge Road, Dover, CT17 9BY ★★★★☆

I started climbing up to the cliffs after lunch. I didn't know how far I went but I planned to go back to the city centre within two hours. The white cliffs are gorgeous and as white as chalk. Can you see the port at the back? That's the reason why I like Seven Sisters more because the cliffs here are so close to the city... or maybe I should go a lot further to get a better view... but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to do that because I spent too much time in the restaurant at lunch time...

There's a super fun story that I would like to share with you. When I was up there, I didn't really notice the time until I took my phone out for GPS direction. And then my heart stopped beating because it was 5pm at that time when I saw it. (I was supposed to start walking back to city centre at 4pm to eat something before getting back to London.) And then I was looking at my watch, it was still 4pm. What? I was so confused, I even kept asking people the time whenever I met one... LOL At the end, I realised my stupid phone thought I was in France so that the time zone had changed... and yes, Dover is in the coastline facing France and that's probably why.

When I got back to city centre, I climbed up for a bit to see the Dover Castle from far. I didn't manage to get in because I missed the opening hour... it's okay! The white cliffs was the only reason I came to Dover! So instead of going anywhere else, I decided to have a nice dinner to give my Dover adventure a happy ending.

This restaurant doesn't look as fancy as the one I had at noon but it's very local and traditional. The staff was nice and helpful. The food was cheap and tasty. I ordered a jacket potato and a milkshake which cost me around £5 only. I was there around 6pm and it was quite empty. I wanted to try more food there but my stomach is so tiny... If I ever had a chance to visit Dover again, I should try their omelette and fish and chips as well!

The Dovorian Restaurant | 1-3 Priory Place, Dover, CT17 9AB ★★★★☆ Check out my Seven Sisters visit and tell me which one you like more?


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