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Travelling to Seven Rila Lakes in Kyustendil

Join a Day Tour to Seven Rila Lakes in Sofia

Visiting the Seven Rila Lakes for half a day will definitely be one of the best thing in your Bulgaria trip. It's not that difficult to find some day tours online and you should totally give it a go. If you are going there in winter, you are about to see what we saw in our trip. Make sure you wear lots and wrap your feet with a proper pair of mountain trainers, so you get to survive and see such beautiful scenarios.

The Beginning: Climb the Mountain by Chairlift

The weather wasn't really good at the beginning. It was raining and so foggy when we were on the chairlift. It takes you a lot closer to the lakes without too much walking. Remember, the chairlifts are open and it could be very cold during winter. Imagine how cold it was especially when you could only stay in outdoor for 30 minutes under this kind of weather condition... but not to worry! half an hour later you will realise it was totally worth it.

Begin the Climb; When You Arrived upon the Sky

You don't really need to worry too much about how foggy it could be at the beginning as it should be getting a lot clearer when you almost reached there. Look at the views, aren't they a miracle? You will totally fall in love with this stunning views like you have never seen such things on top of clouds outside of a plane! And you know, it's not just some clouds but a huge sea of clouds! How amazing it is!

The Highlight of the Tour: Frozen 7 Rila Lakes

Seven Rila Lakes are no doubt the main point of the whole day tour. If you are visiting the lakes in wintertime, what you are going to see are most likely some frozen lakes and snow everywhere. The view is still spectacular though! Would you be able to identify all 7 lakes from our pictures? We certainly can't!


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