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Types of Travel Accommodation for Your Next Trip

type of travel accommodation for your next trip

Staying somewhere unpleasant during your trip will definitely ruin your mood. Hence it is very important to find the perfect places to stay for yourself. There are many different types of travel accommodation that you can choose from for your next trip. Let's see what you fond of! Read on for more!

Boutique Hotel

The biggest difference between a boutique hotel and a hotel is the former is smaller with limited rooms, and the latter is a lot bigger and is usually taken a whole building. Staying in a boutique hotel is amazing because it is smaller; the staff could easily take good care of the customers with 5-star hotel services. The style of a boutique hotel is often historical, elegant and beautiful. What a stunning place to stay during your next trip!

Bungalow House

Staying in a bungalow might not be everyone's first choice but it's a very good idea for you to try in your next trip. It is quite easy to find a bungalow in exotic countries. They are usually treated as some small holiday houses. If you are lucky enough to find one that is located right in front of the beach, make sure you book it because they are hot!

Greaves Farm Caravan Park, Lake District, UK


Camping could be a great choice for you if you enjoy staying in a wild overnight. A proper campsite should provide guarded facilities from tents and camping cars to caravans. As camping is getting much popular in these days, some campsites often offer quality facilities such as public bathroom, self-served barbecue as well as car renting service.

Hotel Pension MADARA, Vienna, Austria


Hostel, as commonly known as Youth Hostel, is one of the popular choices for budget travellers. This type of travel accommodation is cheap and offers lower standard than any other service apartments, or hotel. Some hostels may provide services such as storage and laundry at a fee. You may find a private room in a hostel; but most likely you'll expect to share a room with others. Shared bathroom and kitchens are very common in a hostel, too.

Hotel Moroccan House Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco


Most of the rooms in a hotel are single or double. Some luxurious hotels offer limited spacious suites, often come with fantastic overlooking views of the location. Moreover, a luxury hotel should provide high standard of services and facilities from butler and catering service, to swimming pools and gym room.

Dar Yasmine, Safi, Morocco

Resort Hotel

A resort hotel is actually similar to a hotel; but a resort hotel is more like a combination of a stunning boutique hotel and a luxurious hotel. The staff takes extra care of your needs during your holiday. This type of hotels usually contains luxury facilities and amenities such as spas and massages that makes all guests feel relaxed and comfy.



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