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Visiting a Frozen Iceland

Gullfoss waterfall in winter in Iceland

Iceland is a Heaven on Earth

Iceland could be our favourite travel destination so far because the whole country to us is just like a heaven on earth. We even tell ourselves to come back there again in summertime, to see how Iceland would look like without ices and snows. But if you are going to Iceland in wintertime, you could probably see something what we are going to show you here. 

Iceland, a land with ice, that was what we understood about a country Iceland. It was totally a mysterious place to us before getting there. We could still remember the moment that we looked through from the window of the plane when we were almost there. Everywhere was just covered by snow, all we could only see was a colour of white...

Blue Lagoon in winter in Iceland

Blue Lagoon is the Top 1 Spa in Iceland

So what would be better than doing an outdoor spa behind a snow mountain? We felt so regret that we didn't bring our waterproof cover for our camera so we didn't take any good pictures of ourselves enjoying the spa... But the view there in Blue Lagoon was fantastic. We almost spent half a day there and this could be the first place that we would definitely come back if we were in Reykjavik again. 

chef cooking with fire
fruit and vegetable salad
duck and vegetable salad
fried tempura
roasted pork ribs

Our Favourite Icelandic Restaurant at All Times

This was the restaurant that we went twice when we were in Iceland for a week. Why? It's because the first time when we went there was at lunch time and we didn't realise that the food that we wanted to try was only available in their dinner menu... But of course, the food was amazing which was the main reason why we went there for a second time. Basically we liked everything there, their service, atmosphere and the food! If we would have to choose only one thing as our favourite that the crispy ribs could be the one we liked most. It's super crispy because it had been grilled with some cornflakes, nuts and sesames. They all went so perfect together! However, this restaurant was the most expensive one from all others that we had been to when we was in Reykjavik... it would be wonderful if it was more affordable though.

Grillmarkadurinn | Laekjargata 2a, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland ★★★★☆

geysir in Iceland
geysir in Iceland
geysir in Iceland

Experiencing the Power of the Nature in Iceland

We love Iceland because we could see how powerful the earth is. This place allows us to see all different kinds of natural phenomenons such as Northern Lights and Geysers. We were fortunate enough to capture the Geyser in different stages. We loved the one that we captured right before it exploded, it was just like a frozen water cave, wasn't it?

Northern light in a starry night in Iceland

Waiting for the Aurora Miracle

We felt so excited when we saw some Northern Lights after almost 6 hours wait! We are sure everyone would feel the same as how we felt, especially if it was the first time! That was our very first time observing Northern Lights and we couldn't stop thinking about it after our first time. Northern Lights hunting could be our life time adventure from now on and we wish we could be lucky enough to see aurora lights each time when we try to. 

Northern light in Iceland
Northern light in Iceland

Hopefully we won't be waiting for this long until the next time when we see Northern Lights again...


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