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Welcome to Faroe Islands

Nothing Opens on Sunday in Faroe Islands

There's really not much to do on a Sunday, especially in Faroe Islands in winter time. Basically everything was closed, even supermarkets. Luckily we were staying in this lovely guesthouse named Gróthusið (35 Bakkavegur, 380 Sørvágur, Faroe Islands); the host was very nice and helpful. They even offered to take us on a road trip to see the famous Mulafossur Waterfall and Drangarnir from the opposite side, near a town called Bour. Of course we were so excited about that. The weather was brilliant in the morning. So we started our trip around 10 and came back at noon.

Helicopter Tour to Mykines Only Operates Once a Week

Here's the island called Mykines that we wouldn't be able to reach to in winter time unless we took the helicopter. However, it is only available once a week and we missed it. Now we just saw it from the other side instead. What you can expect to see there is seabirds Puffin.

Population of Sheep is Way Larger than Human in Faroe Island

Sheep are everywhere in Faroe Islands! And they look like the grass here so sometimes we couldn't even see them properly! They were just too cute!

The Weather in Faroe Islands is Unpredictable

The weather in Faroe Islands was a bit strange. There was a storm 5 minutes ago while you could still see sunshine and the blue sky. The host told us to wait for 5 minutes to take a better picture of the Mulafossur Waterfall. Therefore, we got two different pictures of the same place within 5 minutes. It was quite scary that the storm nearly blew us away.

The Best Time to Visit Faroe Islands is Summer

We were planning to go hiking following the path from the Port Sorbagur today, but the host told us that the path was close because it was dangerous in winter. We only saw Drangarnir from far; it was very tiny but we still managed to capture the best angle of it! The host kept telling us to come back for a visit in summer as the weather would be a lot nicer and everything here would be more touristy. We are not sure if we wanted it this way but at least it would be a lot easier to explore Faroe Islands properly.

Anyway, see you until next time, in summer.


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