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When Jewellery Meets Art: Interactive Lomography Exhibition at K11 Art Mall

Jewellery x Art x Lomography at K11 Art Mall

Art is everywhere; even jewellery can be transformed into an installation and to be interpreted in your own understanding of art. What if a piece of jewellery was no longer wearable but only became something decorative as a surreal home decor related to our everyday surroundings? Artist Vann Kwok is taking us to a whole new level where a visual experience leads us to an enchanted dream that is a little too real and it's somehow out of our imaginations.

From tomorrow 19th September until 1st November 2020, you can experience an all-in-one exhibition A Little Too Real: An Enchanted Dream by Vann at K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong. Each entrance ticket includes a one-time entry and a LOMO’Instant Wide instant photo.

Open daily from 11:00-21:00 at chi K11 art space (B2/F), Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Closed on certain days for other events.

A Little too Real: An Enchanted Dream by Vann Kwok

Walking into Vann Kwok's Enchanted Dream

Before you entered into the metallic pink tunnel, you will see some of Kwok's jewellery pieces such as earrings and other accessories on display. Going through the tunnel, you are about to see how she turned her jewellery into abstract art pieces from glittery toilet paper and pearl wired outlet extension to toast with "gem" instead of jam and other avant-garde jewellery inspired installations, giving us an unusual visual experience of understanding an artwork.

Capturing the Insta-Moment with Lomography

As included in the entrance package, you get to try out the LOMO'Instant Wide for a picture of instant photo with Kwok's biggest installation in the exhibition. Or if you want an extra more than that, simply purchase a Lomography Simple Use Film Camera Colour Negative 400 for 36-film analogue photography with colour filters (Red, Green, Purple).

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