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Travel Themed Tabletop Games Recommendations

When you realise that you love to travel so much that you would certainly love everything related to travel. Staying at home will no longer be boring until you found out the perfect travel themed tabletop games. In this article, we are going to recommend five different board games to our readers. They all have a lovely travel or cultural theme to the specific destination. Let's fall into the world of tabletop games together!

Mind the Gap Card Game

Mind the Gap - A Quick Card Game for Party

This simple but engaging modern card game is similar to the classic UNO card game; but it has a sophisticated design that whoever loves London will definitely like the beautiful packaging and its design. Mind the Gap is a quick game that only takes you about 10 minutes for a round. It is also not too big to carry it around during your London trip.

Mr. Jack: New York Board Game

Mr. Jack: New York - A Strategic Two-Player Board Game

Mr. Jack: New York is a second stand alone variant of Mr. Jack board game series. In this fast-paced two-player game, it requires both players a lot of strategy thinking. One player takes the role of Mr. Jack and the other takes the role of the Detective. This game board allows you to travel around in lower Manhattan as well as the Liberty Island.

Puerto Rico Board Game

Puerto Rico - A Gateway Eurogame for New Gamer

If you are looking for a fantastic eurogame that is easy to pick up, then the Puerto Rico board game is ideal. Playing this tabletop game gives you a great chance to strategically build the island of Puerto Rico from stretch. You get to experience this unique civilisation game by constructing buildings, hiring workers, shipping goods to Europe and more.

Sagrada Board Game

Sagrada - A Beautiful Easy-to-Play Abstract Board Game

Dice game always requires a lot of good luck in order to win the game. However, this fascinating dice placement game has a perfect balance of luck and strategy. Sagrada is an abstract strategy game that allows you to craft your own stained glass window masterpiece by drafting dice and/or using the tool cards. Let's complete constructing Sagrada together!

Ticket to Ride Europe 15th Anniversary Edition Board Game

Ticket to Ride Europe - A Fun Interactive Family Board Game

The publisher of TTR collection has launched a lot of base games as well as the expansions. Ticket to Ride: Europe takes you on a train journey across Europe between small and big cities. The game is simple and very easy to learn. It could be quite competitive as players need to complete their destination tickets asap or points will be deducted at the end of game. Kids will definitely love this game!

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