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Weekend in Windsor

Make your First Stop at Windsor Castle

What would you do if you could spend a weekend in Windsor? People would definitely go to Windsor Castle as their first stop. This is where we went when we first arrived there. This castle is a bit different to other castles that we went to before, as they got some interesting exhibitions inside the castle. We were able to see one of the collections of Queen Elizabeth Second's outfits and that was quite interesting and inspiring. If you didn't manage to see the exhibition, you'd still be able to see the beauty of this castle. 

Windsor Castle on Saturday; Legoland on Sunday

It's always good to just explore the city and take different lots of random street photographs. You'll never know what you could have encountered when you randomly explored the place. And that's always the best part of travelling. We spent like a half day in Windsor Castle and then the other half day in the city centre on Saturday. And we went to Legoland Windsor on Sunday for a full day. To be honest, if you are looking for exciting attraction to ride on, please do not go to Legoland otherwise you'll feel extremely disappointed.

Legoland has its Own Theme in Each Region

We have been to Legoland Malaysia before as well. Each Legoland has their own theme and this time we spotted something that was totally related to the UK which was the mini guards inside the Westminster Abbey. Aren't they too cute? 

Anyway, if you are really going to Legoland, please let us know what you have spotted! We found this Lego shark in the photo point and Amy just loved it. We enjoyed our visit very much.


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